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Membership Newsletter

October 2020 Membership Newsletter
Congratulations to our 2020 Crystal Springs Club Champions!
Jason Pollard won the Men's Club Championship
Scott Robertson won the Men's Senior Championship 
Viviane Huang is our 2020 Women's Champion!

Superintendant's Report
Dear members, l apoIogize for the drought of correspondence conceming the course conditions, upcoming projects, and scheduled maintenance being performed by the Maintenance Department. ln the following Paragraphs I will update you on:
  • The upcoming aerification to the greens
  • The recent aerification to the tees and fairways - coursee conditions 
  • The 20 years of Audubon Certification and the Native Habitat Areas
ln January, I informed you of the reasons behind the poor conditions of the greens due to Iack of drainage and thatch accumuIation. We had done everything humanIy possibIe to make them pIayable during that span of wet conditions and no matter how l tried to dry the surfaces, my efforts faiIed. With that in mind, I formulated a pIan to address those probIematic greens which will be implemented later this month.  Pro Turf has been contracted to bring three of their Drill and Fill machines to do our trouble greens twice over. The machines drill down to at least 12’’ beIow the surface and fill the 3/4" hoIes with ProfiIe Fieid & Fairway. The Profile is an inorganic ceramic particle which we we incorporate into our native push up greens soil root zones. It has 74% intemal pore space, which helps to resist compaction, manage moisture, and facilitate heaithy root systems that Ieave turf less prone to disease and other maintenance probIems. It’s primary function in using it to fill the hoIes rather than sand is to alleviate our saturated soiIs which it does very effectively. 1-4, 6-8, and 11 green are scheduIed to be completed before the end of the month.
Shifting gears, we move on to the fairway aerification that was recently completed and the tee aerification that was beforehand, With the tee aerification, we went out with a herbicide that biocked Photosynthesis within undesirabIe weeds. It also dinged some of the Bentgrass within the stand. After the herbicide was starting to ware out, we punched, fertiIized and seeded them. The end result was a desirable stand of turf on the tees. With the fairways, I went out with a herbicide and spot sprayed Dalis Grass and Crabgrass. We then aerified, fertiIized and seeded. The result of having to keep the seed moist without aftemoon watering is the conditions being on the wet side for over a week. I play golf and desire it firm and fast like the rest of you, but l put $8000 worth of perennial ryegrass out to improve the conditions of the turf and playability in the winter. The resuits take longer to see than the tees because the tees are sand based and we can overwater them without too much effect on pIayability. Thank you for your patience in the cuItural process, it makes the course healthy and pIayabIe in the months ahead.
Finally, CrystaI Springs Golf Course has been a certified Cooperative Sanctuary for Golf with Audubon lnternationai for 20 years now! We have aIways strived to be a leader in Environmentai Stewardship and have been working over the course ofthe last three years to improve some ofthe Native Habit Areas on the goif course. When i was the Assistant Superintendent with Darin I began some ofthis process by aerifying areas that had deteriorated over time Iike the front of #8 and #18 tee, behind #16 green, the left side of #12 tee in the triangle, and the rightside of #10. I then seeded these areas with a CaIifomia Native Habitat seed blend and let the rain have it emerge. Everything came up great except the right side of #10.  That area is so trafficked and compacted it is hard to establish.  Another exercise I promoted in establishing these areas was an lPM practice of exclusion. You may have noticed this on the goIf course if you were a member three years ago because I roped off the aforementioned areas and continued the efforts of exclusion more recentIy when I returned as the Superintendent. I even added the right side of #4 and #7 fairway to the Native Habitat exclusion areas. The process of getting these areas back to a good stand of Native is sIow and it invoIves the cooperation of all of us. Keeping your golf carts out of these areas is a good start, but next year l believe we need to make all of these areas environmentally sensitive areas so they can flourish. I have already made all these areas lateraI hazards marked by red stakes or paint. l will top the red stakes with a green cap and notfty all members and guests before we make the transition as weiI as have open discussion beforehand for all those who wish to express an opinion in the matter. lf you truIy want a golf course that is eco-friendIy, sustainable to the wiIdlife that inhabit it, and is not just another random course that has compacted dirt between the goIf hoIes, We need to keep the Native areas Native and exciude human intervention within these areas. The Native Habitat, along with all of the wildlife it supports, is what makes CrystaI Springs special. Piease heIp me in my endeavors to improve it. 
Best Regards, 
Justin Brimley - Golf Course Superintendant