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Bunker Renovation Project

Bunker Renovation Project is Underway at Crystal Springs Golf Course

Crystal Springs Golf Course, located in Burlingame CA, is undergoing a major bunker renovation, which began January 24, 2022.

Led by DHR Construction, the renovation is expected to last 6-8 weeks, with the goal of returning the course bunkers to a consistent performance, aiding in the playability, maintainability and aesthetic presentation throughout all weather scenarios – delivering exceptional conditions for regular tournaments and daily play.  

Each bunker at Crystal Springs GC will have the entirety of the sand, surrounding grass, existing liners and drainage will be improved by  implementing the Billy Bunker System that will ensure play-ability for years to come!

“We are so fortunate to be associated with DCR Construction,” said Crystal Springs GC General Manager, Brian Wilcox. “This partnership allows for an elevated playing experience and this project speaks to their long-term commitment to our property"

*During construction, rounds played Monday-Friday may experience temporary tees and/or greens.  Construction will begin on the Back 9 of Crystal Springs Golf Course


  1. Replace old sand and inspect drain lines: Excavate 6" profile to allow for 2" gravel layer and 4" of sand.  If plans call for an exposed thatch layer edge, calulate this depth in for further excavation.  The floor should be smooth and compacted.  Drain tile can be reused if it is still functional.  

 18 Fairway Left 1

        2. Install 2" layer of local gravel: A layer of approved gravel that is 3/16"-1/4" in size shall be placed over the entire floor of the bunker 2" deep.  This gravel should be brought up to the front edge of the bunker.  The gravel may be              deeper than 2" to shape the bunker floor.

 Gravel 1

3. ST410 Polymer is installed by certified installer: ST410 Polymer shall be sprayed by a certified and trained installer.  The treated bunker shall be allowed to cure for approximately 24 hours prior to quality control.  A sturdy pliable layer of glued gravel will be the result.  

Bily Bunker 3

4. Sand Installation: The tested and approved bunker sand is installed in the bunker and compacted at least four inches deep.  Bunker sand should be examined for the proper particle size, color, drainage characteristics, angularity, angle of response and ability to bridge the drainage stone.  

3 step bunker

5. Final product: The end result is a great playing bunker no matter the weather conditions.  

Pictures coming soon...